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  • Over 450 5-Star Reviews
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Professional and Affordable Heating Repair Service in Newark

At Top Gun, we’re more than a heating repair service – we’re also your neighbors!

Because of that, our technicians take the utmost care in servicing your home!

Each of our Newark heating repair technicians is trained in the latest HVAC techniques and in excellent customer service.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we’re not happy unless the job is done right and you’re pleased with the results.

Call us, text us or schedule your service online and we’ll be there in a snap to get your heat back on no matter the weather outside.

Over 450
5-Star Reviews

Check out what our customers say about Top Gun Heating & Air services!

Wonderful service! Top Gun was very professional, super fast at repairs, and had great customer service. I received texts of appointments confirmations and job completions. Will always be calling them! They’re wonderful!

Aimee D.

I was very impressed with how this team works. You won’t have just one tech’s mind trouble shooting an issue. They were always calling each other to use their collective experience to problem solve my AC unit’s issue. I also appreciate their communication regarding my scheduled visits. They were always reliable for being on time. They also were very good at educating me about the system, and their progress along the way. They earned a customer for life.

Aaron B.

Quick response time and quality work! Jon was fantastic from the first phone call to doing the repair. We have an older system so I always worry it will need to be replaced but Jon was able to identify and fix the problem quickly and at a very reasonable cost. Will definitely use Top Gun in the future!

Sarah K.

Such great service. Hot and busy Saturday afternoon and they got to our home within a couple of hours. Kylen was a super legit technician and spent time standing in the sun in 92 degree heat checking everything after he fixed our A/C unit. He didn’t just rush to the next job. Was happy to explain some of what he did while I was out there. He wanted to make sure everything was right. Great service and care. Much appreciated!

Adam H.

We had a new AC unit installed along with some repairs on other units and vents we had. Both Kyle and John, along with their team were fantastic. Unit was installed in a single day, with the crew working late despite high temps all day. Sometimes the reviews are so strong for a reason, glad we went with Top Gun!

Meghan K.

Great company : lightning fast, knowledgeable, and friendly . My AC went out @ 9:00AM and by noon it was fixed. I will definitely be using them in the future,and I will highly recommend them.

Debbie T.
    Top Gun Heating Repair Newark TX 1

    What to Expect During Your Appointment

    We’re dedicated to making your experience with our team as easy as possible. Here’s what to expect during your appointment for heating repair in Newark:

    • Before we arrive we’ll text you our exact arrival time.
    • Technicians will wear shoe coverings and treat your home with care.

    • Upon arrival, we’ll begin thoroughly examining your furnace and thermostat.
    • Next, we’ll present multiple options to fix your heat pump with a fixed price.

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    Choosing Between Repair and Replacement

    Will a repair make your furnace lasts for years to come or will it just increment your money loss and break down shortly after? While thinking about this decision you will need to keep some important factors in mind:

    1. The Furnace’s Age

    It’s logical. If your furnace is too old, investing money on a repair can signify more losses than wins in terms of investment. Compare your furnace’s age to the average lifespan.

    Furnaces live up to 15 to 20 years on average. However, if you don’t know how old your furnace is, you can look for a year on the furnace as technicians oftentimes write the year of installation on the furnace itself.

    If you can’t find it, turn it off and wait for it to cool. Look for a metal ID plate found on the chamber door. Locate the model and serial numbers. Afterward, call the furnace manufacturer’s customer care number to inquire about the date the furnace was manufactured.

    If the furnace is older than 20 years old, this means you should consider replacing it at once. Furnaces will only live up to their average if they are properly maintained. There are other factors to consider after finding out the age of your furnace, such as:

    2. Repair vs. Replacement Costs

    Compare the two and consider which is more convenient for you. If you are interested in repairing your furnace, consider the value. You can call Top Gun Heating & Air to help you make a trustworthy decision in regards to gas furnace repair and replacement in Newark, TX. Our expert technicians will let you know if a repair is advantageous. If it is a replacement you need after a clear diagnostic of your system, then you can count on our experts to advise you on the system that you need for the future of your home’s comfort.

    3. Your Budget Needs

    You are the most important factor when it comes to replacing or repairing your furnace, since everyone is tied to unique situations, for instance:

    1. Your budget: Not everyone can afford a brand new furnace, so in the end, repairing it may be your best choice.
    2. Energy efficiency: If you notice your heating bills are consistently rising, you may want to consider a replacement of your furnace to start saving. Getting a new furnace can easily save you 10%-25% off your heating bills depending on your new furnace’s efficiency levels.
    3. Comfort needs: If your old furnace has been serving your family for years, but you’ve come to find that it’s just not providing the comfort you need any longer, then maybe it’s worth the cost to replace the unit.
    4. Frequency of repair: If you own an old furnace that has a long repair history behind it, this may be a sign that it needs replacement. In the long run, it can be much more costly trying to keep a dying unit in working order, rather than just replacing it.

    Questions & Answers About Our Heating Repair Services

    When should my heating be serviced?

    It’s a good idea to have your heating serviced at the start of the season where you’ll be using it the most. This will make sure everything is ready to go for the hot summer or cold winter. Avoid needing heating repair by staying on top of the issues before they start. 

    If your heating system is not producing heat or is making weird noises then it may be time to call us. In the meantime, here are some things to pay attention to:

    • New or sudden noises such as grinding, screeching, hissing, rattling, or clanking
    • Bad smells such as rotten eggs or anything of that sort
    • Any smell of anything burning
    • The lack of heat produced by your heating system
    • Increased cost of your energy bill
    What is the cost of heating repair?

    With Top Gun, you’ll have 24/7 access to our heating repair service. We provide emergency diagnostic service at $99. We’ll have a professional out to track down the issue and provide a plan for repair as well as a flat rate that will depend on what needs to be done or if any parts will be needed. 

    The average cost of a furnace repair is around $300. Here are some of the most common repairs and their prices:

    • Faulty ignitors: $300 – $400
    • Replacing the thermostat: $20 – $200+, depending on the new model you select
    • Flame sensors: $80 – $250
    • Furnace motor: $400 – $1,500, however it could be more depending on the severity of the problem

    To get a more accurate quote, give us a call today and schedule an appointment!

    When do I need to replace my furnace?

    On average the life expectancy of a furnace is between 15-17 years. The best way to know when it might be time to replace yours is by talking to the technician who does the maintenance on it. They’ll be able to know from testing the system to know if it’s about to give out. If you’re having issues with yours a tech will also be able to determine if it’s fixable or not. 

    A few other factors to take into consideration include:

    • If your furnace is older, 15 years or more, it may need to be replaced. normally the first 4 digits of the serial number will give you the year and week of manufacturing. 
    • If it is making strange, abnormal noises. 
    • If cold air is coming out. 
    • If a carbon monoxide detector alarm is going off in your house. It is recommended that homeowners with natural gas appliances have several of these in bedrooms and other locations around the house. 

    If you’re looking into purchasing a new furnace, give Top Gun a call today for a FREE estimate!

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