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Advantages of Variable Speed Air Conditioning Systems

The majority of all homeowners are familiar with that one room in the house – the one often avoided due to uncomfortable room temperature. Whether the room be freezing in the winter or a sauna in the summer, this temperature inconsistency is undeniably a household nuisance

These cold spots and hot spots are determined by various factors, depending on the home. One reason for the temperature inconsistency is that the home may be poorly insulated due to exposed ductwork in the basement or attic. Even if the ductwork is well-insulated, the house may not be, which will lead to drafts and uncomfortable room temperatures.

Variable Speed Air Conditioning System

Residents of the North Richland Hills area understand the annoyance that inconsistent temperatures cause, particularly throughout the scalding summer months. That is why upgrading too a variable speed air conditioning system is ideal to ensure comfortable indoor temperatures. Compared to the more traditional single-speed units, variable speed air conditioning boasts unparalleled advantages for maintaining the desired temperature throughout the house.

Single-Speed Unit versus Variable Speed System

Aside from consistent indoor temperatures, homeowners will experience better controlled humidity with this innovative air conditioning system – an important matter for those residing in the Fort Worth, Richland Hills, and North Richland Hills area. Variable speed air conditioning systems operate efficiently in that they run for longer periods of time and at lower speeds. This is better than single-speed units that turn off once the desired temperature is reached. Since the single-speed systems are required to startup more frequently, they are worn down faster than a variable speed unit. Therefore, the variable speed air conditioning system boasts a longer life cycle because it starts at lower speeds, gradually working its way up to the desired speed.

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